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Asim Riaz is a model and actor from Jammu and Kashmir, India. He first gained fame in 2019 as a contestant on the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss 13, which is the Hindi version of the international series Big Brother. Riaz was one of the finalists on the show and gained a large following during his time on the program.

After his appearance on Bigg Boss 13, Riaz went on to participate in a number of reality shows and made his acting debut in the music video “Mere Angne Mein” which was a huge success and crossed more than 400 million views on YouTube.

Asim Riaz also appeared in a Bollywood movie named “Time To Dance” starring alongside Sooraj Pancholi and Isabelle Kaif

He is also active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where he has a significant following.


Asim Riaz is reported to be approximately 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall.


Asim Riaz was born on the 13th of July, 1993, So as of now he is 28 years old.

Asim Riaz Family Background

Asim Riaz was born in Jammu and Kashmir, India, and comes from a well-to-do family. Not much is publicly known about his family or background, but he did mention on Bigg Boss 13 that his father is a businessman.

Asim Riaz is a model and actor from Jammu and Kashmir, India. He first came into the limelight in 2019 as a contestant on the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss 13, which is the Hindi version of the international series Big Brother. After gaining huge popularity from the reality show, Asim went on to participate in several reality shows, and also made his acting debut in a music video “Mere Angne Mein”. He also started his acting career in Bollywood with the Movie “Time To Dance” alongside Isabelle Kaif and Sooraj Pancholi.

He has also been a brand ambassador for several brands and has also done several photoshoots and ramp walks. Asim is very active on social media and he has a huge fan following on his Instagram and other platforms.

Asim Riaz is a well-known personality in India and has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He is known for his good looks, great physique, and charming personality. He is considered one of the most stylish and fashionable celebrities in India.

Asim has always been interested in fitness and bodybuilding, and he has put in a lot of hard work to achieve his current physique. He is often seen working out and sharing his fitness journey on social media. This has helped him to inspire many young people to take up fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Asim is also known for his philanthropic work and is actively involved in social causes. He has used his fame to raise awareness about various issues such as child education, poverty, and healthcare. He has also helped to raise funds for various charitable organizations and underprivileged people.

In addition, Asim is also a successful businessman. He owns a fitness clothing brand named “Riaz Fitness” and an e-commerce platform named “Riaz Style” which sells a variety of products including fashion, electronics, and gadgets.

Asim’s personal life is kept private, but it is known that he is not married and not dating anyone as per the information available in the public domain. He focuses on his career and building his brand, but he also makes sure to make time for his family and friends.

Asim Riaz’s Net Worth

Asim Riaz is a successful model, actor, and businessman, so it’s likely that he has a significant net worth. Although his official net worth is not publicly disclosed, He has endorsement deals, merchandise sales, and other business ventures, so it can be expected that his net worth would be in the millions. He is also one of the highest-paid contestants of Bigg Boss 13 and has won several other reality shows which also contributes to his net worth.

Asim Riaz Relationship

Asim Riaz is known to have been in a relationship with model and actress Himanshi Khurana, they met inside the Bigg Boss house when she entered as a wild card entrant. They publicly announced their relationship after the show and have been vocal about their feelings toward each other on social media.

Asim and Himanshi have been seen together in music videos, attending events together, and have also shared pictures and videos of them together on their social media accounts. They have a huge fan following on social media and are fondly known as “AsiManshi” and have been supporting their relationship.

It’s worth mentioning that their relationship has also seen some ups and downs, Himanshi has announced their breakups and patch-ups multiple times, However, as of now it seems they are back together.

It’s worth mentioning that their relationship is not confirmed officially by them and they are considered a rumoured couple.

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